A Very Good Friday…


I had plans for Easter. Like I have plans for everything. Like those plans that only get realized after the time has passed. “How did Easter get here so early?” I had pinned the bunny bun on Pinterest, amongst the thousands of other pins on pinning sprees. But that bunny bun was special and cute and I really wanted to surprise my own Little Bunny with them. Didn’t happen. I had bought a bunny cookie cutter, thinking me and my girl would bake bunny cookies. It is still in the package, as yet unopened.

At least I have a few other bunnies around the house, flopped, plonked or otherwise, and my Little Bunny is content with them.  She likes decorations. She thinks they are real. I try to hide my laughter when I hear her having a conversation with them. One-sided. Makes sense.


Last year when I had just started to blog, I had big plans. Like I always have these big plans. I had bought 25 eggs. This year when I opened the fridge this morning I had 4 in the tray. I’m not supposed to be disorganized. I thought that was the past…or is it? But this morning when I went to the kitchen I felt bad. No treats for the little one … I don’t have an excuse. It was rather sad.  So I set out to make some hot cross buns that ended up looking like little hedgehogs (on purpose). The Little Bunny was overjoyed with the hedgehogs. And since they turned out to be pretty cute they will find a place on this blog soon, hopefully. I had fun making them and I know you will too.


Last year around Easter week, on Tony’s day off  we had eggs with smoked salmon, zucchini and spring onions for lunch. I remember keeping him waiting on lunch so I could take a few pictures. I was mad for blogging then. I still am, but I’m slightly more sensible now, I’d like to think. His lunch had gotten cold by the time it was placed on his placemat. It may have been after 25 shots of the same two ramekins of eggs. This year things were different. He ate a hot lunch and I managed to take a few pictures for this blog post. I think this will be our new Easter tradition: eggs cooked with sour cream, smoked salmon, zucchini and onions. This Good Friday has been a good start to the Easter week. A good lunch, a few hedgehogs and the traditional fish for Good Friday supper. Tomorrow I’m going to need some eggs in the house.


Baked Eggs with smoked salmon, zucchini and onions.


  • Eggs: 2 large
  • Smoked salmon: 2 slices, cut into strips
  • Zucchini: half of a small, finely julienned
  • Onions: thinly sliced (spring onions are great as well)
  • Dill: a few stems
  • Sour cream: 5 tsp
  • Butter: 2 tsp
  • Salt and pepper
  • Ramekins for baking: 2


  • Preheat oven on 400F.
  • On low heat sweat the zucchini and onions in the butter for 4 minutes or so making sure not to brown.
  • Coat the ramekins with a teaspoon and a half sour cream each. Divide zucchini and onion mixture into two portions and place each portion on the bottom of the ramekins. Top with smoked salmon and some dill.
  • Break an egg on each ramekin, spoon a tsp of sour cream on the side of the yolk, season with salt and pepper.
  • Place ramekins on a shallow baking dish filling up with water half way to the top of the side of the ramekin. Bake for 15 minutes for soft runny yolk, and 18-22 minutes for firm yolk.

Note: These are best enjoyed with the yolk soft and runny, however if you prefer your eggs firm add an extra 5 minutes for the yolk to firm up.


6 thoughts on “A Very Good Friday…

  1. just thinking today I would like to cook eggs in custard dishes 🙂 Very elegant. And you added some great touches–smoked salmon, yum!

  2. I believe these eggs re still very festive, very spring & apt for a long weekend. My sister is a big fan of baked eggs and as he’s Viking me for the holidays, your pst has got me inspired. Yum!

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