Give A Little Joy

These cookies were specially made for a Christmas blog post. You see, I will be going away for Christmas. All three of us are going to my home in India to spend time with my family and attend my cousin’s wedding. This makes me terribly busy, not only packing bags but also beating the Christmas rush, which won’t wait until we get back. I just couldn’t go without having a post celebrating Christmas.

So I baked some linzer cookies to take a few pictures. I wanted my readers to look at a glass of creamy white milk and a few of the lovely jam filled cookies waiting for Santa. I had it in mind to call it ‘Cookies for Santa’.

I took my white timber board and a few pine clad twigs to set the scene – mimicking a snowy winter. Just a few shots later while I was still stood high up on a chair I saw ‘the little hand’ reaching for Santa’s cookies. On her tippy toe she had stretched her hand far enough to grab the first cookie within her reach. Then, holding with both hands, she happily sucked the red shiny jam as I continued to photograph the little ‘Santa’ who was eating the cookies I had laid out. ‘Ummm…good’ she said as she continued.

Christmas Cookies1-001

Now, to be honest, to my utter dismay my Little Girl had once completely wrecked a well laid out food prop while I was photographing standing on the same chair. As a result, I have been known to cringe when she comes around to inspect my food and props while I shoot. But this time, it was almost something meant to happen. This time I couldn’t help but be happy. The Little Girl’s wish list for Santa had been:Β  cookies, lollipops, jellybeans and a Christmas tree.

After all, who are those cookies for? Isn’t it for Santa? And who is Santa and what might Christmas be? Isn’t that it? That: Little children.

Isn’t Santa in all children as in adults? I think so. After all, Christmas is about celebrating joy.Β  And who brings more joy to our hearts? Is it that gift we unwrap or is it the child that wraps our heart?

I hope you find joy and peace this season. I hope you spread your kindness to those who need it the most. I hope your homes and your hearts fill with contentment. Merry Christmas, All!

I shall be back in the New Year with stories from afar that are near to my heart. And stories of an Indian wedding where four little Princesses will be in tow! If you are on the Facebook page you most probably will not miss the photo updates from India.



21 thoughts on “Give A Little Joy

  1. A lovely, lovely post – your photography and writing are so beautiful and the recipes are a bonus. So sweet to see your little girl sneaking a cookie from your display. Adorable!

  2. Beautiful post Deb and I guess you must be so so happy that very soon you’ll be joining your family in India. I wish you a marvelous time and lovely and full of joy Christmas. I guess that cooki was one of the best gifts that a child can get (I still remember the cookies I used to take while my mother was still busy doing the next cookies batche) Those childhood memories are a really great gift for our adult life.

  3. I came by to wish you a safe trip home. And I found cookies, and a lovely little cookie-eater! And what do you know – ChottoMa and I baked the same jammy cookies (only less pretty) just yesterday. We’ve been baking every single day these past few days – keeps us busy of grey days – and now I have a few extra kilos to lug back Kolkata!
    Bon voyage, Debjani πŸ™‚

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