‘The’ Fry for Sasthi

Panchami, day 5 of Durga Pujo, brought us Samosas to whet the appetite.

Sasthi, day 6 of Durga Pujo, is when the festival truly starts to gain its momentum. The thought of all that celebration, new clothes, and merriment back home in India is enough to make me fall into pity for myself for being so far away from it all.

That kind of self pity can only be cured with my favourite appetizer: The Bengalee “Fry”

This appetizer is a favourite all across the spectrum of fish eating Bengalees. The recipe is Anglo-Indian. The influence of the British Raj – in the guise of parsley and bread crumbs – is very prominent. This “Fry” – as the Bengalees simply call it – is a must at weddings and other ceremonies. Guests rarely – no, never – leave any left over for the host to enjoy after the invitees go home.Β  As an aside, I am yet to find someone who stops at eating just one of these.

Marinated white fish coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried to perfection. This “Fry” beats the rest of the Fries in my books.


  • Fillet of white fish: 6 at least 1/2 inch thick in size (I used cod)
  • Onion: 1/4 cup diced
  • Garlic: 6 cloves
  • Ginger:Β  and 1/2 inch
  • Parsley: 1/4 cup whole leaves
  • Green Chilli: 3 whole
  • Lime: juice of 1 whole lime
  • Breadcrumbs: 2 cups or more as needed
  • Eggs: 3 whisked
  • Oil: For frying
  • Sat and Pepper to taste


  • In a food blender mince onion, ginger, garlic, parsley, chilis and lime juice with a dash of salt and pepper until nice and smooth.
  • Marinate the fish fillets in the mixture for 6 hours or over night. The more time it sits in the mixture the better the taste.
  • Prepare a coating station. Whisk eggs in one bowl and dry bread crumbs in other.
  • Take fish out of marinade. You don’t need to shake the marinade off. Some of the marinade stuck to the fish with the coating gives it a very nice flavour.
  • Dip the fish in egg and then coat in bread crumbs. Repeat the process again.
  • Let the coated fish rest in the fridge for 10-15 mins.
  • Deep fry in white oil until nice and golden brown, about 1 min preside on medium heat.
  • Serve hot with mustard and ketchup.


18 thoughts on “‘The’ Fry for Sasthi

  1. Hi !
    Love this!
    Sasthi, the sixth day of the moon when Goddess Durga is welcomed with much fanfare and gusto. The ‘Bodhon’ rituals include the unveiling of the face of the idol. Bodhon, Amontron and Adibas are the important rituals of Sasthi apart from Kalparambho. We (Benaglies) will be in pujo pandal and will enjoy :)))

    How do you know about Durgo Pujo?


  2. lovely debs, i particularly remember having the awesome fry at yr wedding :). gonna try this, pls justlet me know, wot can be the ideal replacement for code fish. ( my knowledge on the availability of fishes in the indian market is pretty restricted.)

    • Thank you sweetheart! Fry wasn’t on the night menu, it was Fish Muniere which they call Munia (no surprises there). Fry is WB is made of ‘bhetki’ fish which we don’t have access to in St. John’s, so I used cod. So, you will make the more authentic version! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, thank you much! There are a few more left of the series…one every day till we come to day 10.
      I’m certain you’ll love it as much as we do! Panko is also a good substitute if you don’t have dry toasted breadcrumbs, and a good flaky white fish works best.

  3. Absolutely…I hate attending Wedding or any other feasts where there is no Fish Fry! And definitely I don’t stop at one! I make fish fries at home in almost similar manner except that I avoid parsley and add a pinch of sugar to d marinade.

    • Best ‘Fry’ ever!
      A lot of the joints use turmeric and chilli powder and extra green chilli…and no parsley which brings out a different flavour. I’m so glad the British came…from the ‘fry’ perspective. πŸ˜€

  4. offff ki dekhte hoyeche….. too bad they didnt have any fry at the pujo celebration ekhane… next week banate hobe… this is almost a staple in my house… just love it.. just curious why parsley and not cilantro…tui shobsomoy ki use korish, eta ki just another variation? whatever the case.. looks sooooooooooo good, very tempting.

  5. All good wishes to you and your family for the Puja. No never any leftovers. There are certain things I am thankful for. One of them being that my hubby does not eat this, or chingri and I get them all to myself :). Love the deep brown crust.

  6. What is a Bengali without ‘the’ fry? remember being served this for midmorning snacks at a bengali friends house! Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and happy to make your acquaintance πŸ™‚

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