Quite the Twist!

My very dear friend, A, inspires me to do everything good – and, equally, everything bad. She knows me well enough to know the precise thing to say to get me to join in with her devilry. Do we twist each other’s rubber arms? We do, across transatlantic FaceTime.

In addition to being a fabulous photographer she is also quite the accomplished chef, cooking up a storm in her kitchen in London. Since A, bought her ice cream maker she has been twisting both my arms. Then it happens. She politely makes watermelon ice cream and posts gorgeous and tempting photographs of it on Facebook so I could burn a little. And burn I did.  Pretty bad. Bad enough to go get myself a machine … to help me improve my waistline.

Ironic to get myself an ice cream maker at the beginning of September when summer has unofficially ended. But I can’t let a good sale get past me and ice cream is no longer a tag word for summer any more – or is it? My friend had a recipe for watermelon ice cream with ginger and lemon added to the usual cream, milk, sugar and watermelon. The addition of ginger is very intriguing – and I will try that for sure – but for now, for my first batch of home made ice cream I tried something original.

I added 2 cloves to a cup and a half of cream and heated for 10 minutes to infuse the beautiful essence of clove, to which I then added 1/4 cup of sugar. Once cooled, I strained the cream and set it aside. Two cups of watermelon were cubed and frozen before being pulsed and pureed in the food processor. While pureeing this frozen melon don’t be tempted to taste any of this ruby coloured ice slushie or you’ll never get any into your ice cream. I promise you that. Once the melon was pureed I added the cream and whirled the food processor a few times. I turned on my new ice cream maker and gently poured the cream mixture through the spout in anticipation. I couldn’t believe I was finally making ice cream. It took about 15 minutes for the cream to settle. Once done, I scooped the ice cream into another container and set it in the freezer to settle a bit more.I would be lying if I didn’t mention that I licked the scoop clean and left some on the ice cream maker for me to eat while the rest settled in the freezer. It was just that good.

The texture of this ice cream wasn’t exactly like traditional ice cream; it was more like a cross between a sorbet and an ice cream and was absolutely delicious – it is quite the twist!  I wouldn’t try to change a thing because I have fallen so in love with this frozen treat!

The air is laced with the ever so slight hint of iciness these days. As long as there is watermelon in the market and I can continue to make my frozen treat I will defy any season change, for a watermelon is the sign of enduring  Summer.


22 thoughts on “Quite the Twist!

  1. Yum, this looks so delicious, and the texture looks perfect! The cloves sound really nice with watermelon; I bet cinnamon would go nicely with the sweetness of the melon, too. (And glad I’m in good company for using our ice cream makers in September!)

    • Thanks Allison! Clove was jut so right. It had a cool aftertaste and a very mild aromatic essence in the ice cream. I will be using my machine for a while, until there is snow on the ground…glad, you’ll keep my company!

  2. I had to laugh.. I got my ice cream maker out just this past week! Blog to follow at some point.. but your flavors here.. they’re quite remarkable! I can see why you wanted to make a batch of this! I love your food photography and styling as well.. it’s very professional!!xx

    • Barbara, you must give watermelon ice cream a try before the watermelon disappears from the store. You won’t regret, I promise!
      Thank you for your praise. My photography is a hit and miss. I’m still learning and trying to to squeeze in photography time when the little one lets me. I do feel proud when someone praises, so thank you! 😀

  3. Beautiful, certainly with summer coming up (as our mornings get warmer) I’ve often contemplated an icecream machine too!Your pictures are stunning, I love that rustic board against the pop of pink and it looks like the ultimate indulgence for one, two or many.

  4. You must get yourself an ice cream machine. It is so fun to create your own flavours and no additives! Once you get one you’ll forget all the reasons why you thought you don’t need one.
    Green and pink are absolutely gorgeous together, so I couldn’t resist using that board. Glad you like it.

  5. You need to get one of these machines. They are dandy little things, so easy to make and great results. And I cannot take credit for the creative idea, it belongs to my friend. My repertoire had only extended to watermelon gelato! This ice cream beats a gelato to death!

  6. Amazing photos and delicious ice cream!!! So glad I found your blog! But I have to admit that I couldn’t keep calm with all those wonderful treats! Looking forward to following your blog…

    • Haha! You are the first one to admit it! I can’t keep calm myself either when there is food in front of me, or be it a picture. There are some amazing food blogs out there.
      Thank you for the encouragement. I love your sense of humour in your blog.

      • Thank you!!! I’m quite serious about following your blog for several reasons, one of them being that I feel out of place in my kitchen. My background is finance. I can cook up an equation, but I have problems with mixing spices. I’ve just gone through an amazing transition and I’m ready to take on the kitchen…”I will not be afraid” is my mantra. Looking forward to our discussion and for “breaking bread” across the blogosphere!!!

      • Cooking is so easy and easy to fall in love with if you follow directions well. I’m excited for your new cooking journey. I’m no chef but I am in love, and I’m excited to talk about food with you!

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