Twenty Five Eggs…

Unlike past years we have nowhere to go this Easter. Easter will be spent at home playing with our favourite bunny. While most people I know have already abandoned the Island for sunnier destinations, we are happily snuggled in at home.

A strong sun would be nice; hoping for it is the better disposition to have. We still don’t have any crocuses:  no crocuses, no tulips. Tulips are in abundance only in flower shops, but a crocus? The only option is to wait. The first sign of a yellow crocus peeking through the snowy ground is like a drop of summer… until I see a crocus, my mind is still stuck on winter.

Bringing Spring home from the market.

Bringing Spring home from the market.

The period between the First Day of Spring and the first spring day could be up to two months in Newfoundland, but there is still fun to be had in waiting for the plants to emerge from the thawed-out ground and for the green fuzz to dapple the tree tops! There’s so much to do during the summer and all that planning can be done now.

I believe next year when Saira will be almost three we’ll have serious enquiries about the Easter Bunny’s  whereabouts. I had better get into the Easter groove now to warm up for next year.

I never owned any Easter decorations until this year. In pursuit of changing that status, I purchased two dozen eggs, with good intentions!  The appropriate Easter decoration:  12 painted Easter eggs!  I amuse myself with my ambitious ideas at times!

A few decorations to start with...

For Saira!

For Saira!

Five days before Easter to create 12 beautifully decorated Easter eggs? In fact let’s take out the word beautiful and say 12 decorated eggs!  I came up with four painted eggs before I ran out of patience, leaving 20 extra eggs in addition to the five I already had. 20+5=25? 25 EGGS!!! We will be eating eggs forever, or at least until we are totally sick of them!

Blue Bunny!

Blue Bunny!

Little Birdie...

Little Birdie...

Next year, I promise to be more prepared than I am now.  I am still left with 25 eggs taking up my fridge space at present! I always said I am a creative person, therefore 25 eggs shouldn’t put a dent on my ego.  Shouldn’t be hard, should it? Let’s see.

Here is the journey of five eggs on Good Friday:

Devilled eggs are an easy favorite.  They are dyed in beet juice to give them their beautiful purple colour. I think it would be most appropriate to call them Mrs. Purple Devil.

Introducing the one and only, Mrs. Purple Devil!

Introducing the one and only, Mrs. Purple Devil!



  • Hard boiled eggs: 6
  • Beets: 2 -3 medium or 1 can beet juice
  • Mayonnaise: 3 tbsp
  • Dry mustard: 1 tsp
  • Paprika: 1 tsp and some for garnish
  • Worcestershire sauce: a splash
  • Chives: for garnish

To make hard boiled eggs:

Take room-temperature eggs and gently boil for 9-10 minutes for a nice a smooth yolk. Immediately immerse in cold water and peel skin.

To dye eggs:

If not using beet juice, peel beets and add them along with the peel to 1 and half cup of water and boil on medium heat for 20 minutes. Once done, take beets out and cool liquid.

Immerse peeled hard boiled eggs in this liquid and soak. If you want a deep rich colour (like mine), soak for at least ten hours (if you want less intensity soak for less time).

To make the devils:

Once the eggs have reached your desired colour, take them out of the beet liquid. Dry on a paper towel and gently slice them in halves using a sharp paring knife. Washing knife after each slice helps slice the next egg better and keeps the eggs neat for presentation. Separate yolks and put them in a separate bowl. Finely mash the yolks, then add the mayo, Worcestershire sauce, mustard powder, paprika, salt and pepper, and blend until it has reached a creamy consistency. Once done, put the yolk mixture into a piping bag and pipe into the eggs. Garnish with paprika and chives. Serve cold.


A Purple Devil Party!

A Purple Devil Party!


6 thoughts on “Twenty Five Eggs…

  1. This preperation is tempting me to change my 38 years of vegan orientation to eggitarian !
    So simple to prepare and the presentation is just awwwwweeeeesome !

    Wish I had the money to produce a cookery show with u as the host !
    I mean it .


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